Dr. Kiyoko F. Kinoshita

Invited Talk Title:

Understanding the Extended Central Dogma through the Human Glycome Atlas Project


The Human Glycome Atlas (HGA) Project was launched in April, 2023, spearheaded by three Japanese institutes: the Institute for Glyco‐core Research (iGCORE), Nagoya University and Gifu University, Tokai National Higher Education and Research System; the Exploratory Research Center on Life and Living Systems (ExCELLS), the National Institutes of Natural Sciences; and the Glycan and Life Systems Integration Center (GaLSIC), Soka University. This was the first time that a field in the life sciences was adopted by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) as a large‐scale academic frontiers promotion project. This project aims to construct a knowledgebase of human glycans and glycoconjugates as a standard for the human glycome. A high-throughput pipeline for comprehensively analyzing 20,000 blood samples in its first five years is planned, at which time an access-restricted version of this knowledgebase, called TOHSA, will be released. By the end of the final tenth year, TOHSA will provide a central resource linking human glycan data with other omics data including disease-related information. We expect that this project will provide important and key data for understanding human life.